Do you have what it takes to Achieve the Honorable?

January 25th is your chance to discover and explore the power in your voice. Are you ready to discover that power? We sure are. Join the more than 60+ student leaders on campus as we learn how to make a difference in and around the Worcester Academy community.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose ONE (1) Maroon colored workshop, and ONE (1) Gray colored workshop. Please be mindful of the grades listed at the end of the titles, as you shouldn’t sign up for a session that is available for your grade. You can use a filter, on the right hand margin, to show only those workshops available to ALL GRADES, 9-10, or 11-PG. 

Again, you are not allowed to choose two workshops that are the same color. 

Signups close today, January 16th, at 4:00 PM.

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